Why Whole Avocados Are a Must-Have Hair Health Remedy

Hair, skin, and nail supplements are all the rage. Any health food, fitness or even beauty supply store you go to now is selling at least one, if not multiple, brands of vitamin pills promising to restore your hair to its optimal glory.

Here’s the thing. The really great supplements are often expensive, and even if one does buy them, many people fall off their routine of taking them daily or even several times a day pretty quickly. They only work if you actually use them. :)

Thankfully - there is a much easier solution. Homemade hair masks that you only need to use once or twice a week - depending on how often you wash your hair. YouTube is flush with videos of hair influencers mashing together bananas, eggs, yogurt, and of course avocados and using this smoothie-looking mixture to beautify their hair.

Does this concoction work? Yes, it absolutely works! Users have reported stronger, thicker, softer, faster growing and shinier hair within just a few uses if not immediately.

They also notice a radical difference in their scalp health. Users report less flaking and more natural moisture between washes.

Here’s the other thing though - very few of us want to be concocting things in our kitchen, cleaning up that mess afterward then babysit a fast-spoiling Tupperware full of goo in our fridge between hair washes.

This is why we combined the effectiveness of whole foods within our shelf-stable Nourishing Deep Conditioner formulation. Avocado is one of many fresh ingredients contained in this hair mask. Avocados are excellent for hair because they are a natural source of:
  • Biotin - one of the most prevalent hair restoration proteins in the supplement market today.
  • Vitamins and Minerals that trichologists often find to be missing in their patient’s diet when they go for their first consult. In fact a cocktail of vitamins and minerals is one of the first things that a trichologist will prescribe both topically and internally for hair restoration protocols.
  • A full range of essential fatty acids in their most absorbable form - giving hair its lustre and elasticity.
  • Vitamin E
  • Many amino acids that strengthen hair.

Avoid the trouble and mess of a DIY project and give our Kinah Tower Nourishing Deep Conditioner a try. It works for every hair texture from the straightest and finest of hair types all the way to the tightly curled textures. With regular use, you’ll reap the benefits of using fresh avocados without any of the hassle.