The Undeniable Benefits of Eggs for Hair Growth and Scalp Health

One of the leading causes of problems with hair (ranging from thinning and hair loss, to just brittleness or dandruff) is nutritional deficiencies.

Granted eating well and supplementing appropriately can make a major difference in the appearance of one’s skin and hair, but we often forget that the scalp and skin are also a major organ of the body, and because they are porous, they too can absorb nutrients into the blood stream just from topical applications.

Whole foods are great for our bodies when we include them in our diet but also do wonders for the skin and hair when included in beauty products.  We’ve already discussed how beneficial avocados are for  the hair.  Today I’d like to take a look at eggs.

Egg whites are chock full of proteins that the scalp and hair shaft can absorb to fortify the hair and help new hair grow in stronger.  They also have a detoxing and cleansing effect on the scalp hence their ability to help decrease the occurrence of dandruff.  They do this by pulling out excessive oils from the scalp thus helping to regulate sebum production.  The imbalance of sebum production, be it over or under, is the most common reasons for scalp flaking.

Egg yolks on the other hand are full of vitamins (A, E and a full range of B’s including biotin and B5 which are renowned for beautifying hair.   They also contain absorbable and strengthening folate and omega-rich fats which nourish, moisturize and lubricate the hair shaft.

The result of regular use of eggs in haircare is fuller, softer, shinier and healthy looking and feeling hair.  Many DIY’ers report that hair  grows in stronger and thicker and shedding is drastically reduced.

Here’s the thing:  Eggs are messy and sometimes a bit smelly and the idea of a time-consuming kitchen project often put us off making these sort of food-based DIY hair masks.

Enter Kinah Tower Nourishing Deep Conditioner to the rescue.  It is a shelf-stable food-based hair mask that is rich in real, whole eggs, avocados, herbal extracts and nutrient rich plant oils.  You can enjoy the benefits of egg for your hair and scalp without the tedious labor involved with mixing “groceries” on your own.

If you are curious about experiencing the benefits of eggs for yourself, but are hesitant to take a bowl of them into your shower, give our convenient and effective deep conditioner a try.