The Prevalence of Chemicals in Our Pantries and Beauty Cabinets

As a chemical engineering student, the lab is one of my favorite places to be.  It’s just fascinating to me getting a first-hand look at how everyday things we use or consume, but take for granted, are made.

There is one particular lab class that I experienced that I will NEVER forget.

Our professor announced that we were going to make cranberry juice.  “Cool,” I thought.  As lab progressed and he had us assemble all the experiment components, I noticed that there was not a single cranberry in sight.

“Oh well,” I thought, “Maybe there is a cranberry concentrate that we’ll use later and these are just preservatives.”

Nope.  The benefit of the doubt was not deserved.  We conducted that experiment from beginning to end with not a single cranberry, or drop of liquid extracted from a cranberry involved.

Say what?!?

What’s worse is that our resultant chemical cocktail looked, smelled and tasted just like cranberry juice.

This was both eye-opening and alarming to me.  It made it clear to me how many of these fake compounds were in everything we consume from packaged food all the way to beauty products.

No wonder so many people are struggling with their health in both subtle and chronic ways.

From that day I vowed to always read my food labels thoroughly and have now extended it to my personal care products.  The skin is a porous, organ and the chemicals we apply to it enter our bloodstream within a matter of seconds.

If it is not a recognizable food ingredient, then I need to know how the compound in question is derived and what it’s purpose is in the said food or beauty product.

It is this keen awareness of what is actually being done to our food supply that has informed my decision to create my own whole person product line.

Starting with our first product - the Nourishing Deep Conditioner - every formulation is founded on predominantly whole foods first (in this case olive oil with whole avocados and eggs) and tied together with gentle (scientifically proven to be safe enough even for babies) cosmetic compounds that improve your user experience as far as application, effectiveness and shelf life.

With Kinah Tower my promise to you is that we always start with real foods and we build your beauty upon that, with the hope that you too will build your health on what’s real and what nature intended.  

Here’s to your journey of becoming a Tower of Health in every area of your life!