Castor Oil And Olive Oil: Tried And True Ingredients That Make A World Of Difference For Any Hair Texture And At Any Age.

We’ve all heard about how olive oil and castor oil are beneficial for hair and skin.  However, when we try to apply them directly to our body or hair, the result is often a greasy, pore-clogging mess.  Why is this so?

It is all about the application.  You’ve got to know how to use them and in what in context.  Olive  and castor oils are both “cleansing oils” which means they can also be used to clean excess oils from the skin and scalp, believe it or not.  This is why they work best in rinse-off applications like pre-shampoo treatments, hot oil treatments, and hair masks.  This is also why they are great for flaky scalp conditions that are related to sebum regulation.

They are also really thick, so when left in the hair or on the scalp they work best in dilution with lighter carrier oils.

So now that we’ve established how best to use them - why are they such a big deal in the beauty world?  What are their actual benefits, if any, for the hair?

Olive oil contains many fatty acids and is especially rich in oleic which is known to penetrate the hair shaft, and be able to penetrate the scalp without clogging the pores.  Olive oil seals in moisture in the hair all the way down to your ends so creates a smoother shinier look and helps to prevent split ends.  This is also why your hair tends to feel softer after an olive oil treatment.  It also helps to regenerate cells which is why it is often touted as being beneficial for hair growth.

Castor oil helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp.  In our signature Kinah Tower Nourishing Deep Conditioner we chose to use Jamaican Black Castor oil specifically, because, unlike regular castor oil which is made from unheated beans, our castor oil is made from roasted beans.  The roasting process creates ash that makes the minerals in castor beans even more available, hence the dark color and smoky aroma of the oil.  This roasting compounds the healing, strengthening and growth-inducing effect of castor oil exponentially.

Black castor oil accelerates hair growth and helps new hair come in thicker, fuller, and stronger.  It is an ultimate aid against hair loss, breakage, and shedding.  It is also extremely moisturizing, especially for curly hair types!

For a convenient, non-greasy, and effective way to try olive and castor oil, for any hair texture, try our Nourishing Deep Conditioner today.